Monday, November 17, 2008

Effective Writing

Writing effectively is not that difficult a proposition providing you lay the groundwork. In other words putting together a stage by stage plan will enable you to create the piece you want with the least amount of stress.

How do you create such a plan or template? Well in the first instance it’s a very good idea to sit down and write out all the things you want to accomplish in your writing.

Is it a piece of web copy? Is it a short report? Is it an e book? Is it a blog post?
You may be writing a series of articles that are all related to the same topic with a common theme or a specific market you are targeting. What ever your intended outcome of your writing will be, you will need a formula to create the piece.

Once you have brainstormed the stages required to produce a piece of writing, such as research ,when to write, how to proofread and fine tune, you can then whittle your list down to a manageable size of seven stages.

These seven stages will form a route map for every piece that you write in the future. It will focus you on each stage and prevent you from moving away from your required path. The secrets to effective writing lie hidden within your Route Map

This blog charts the setting up of your route map which will get you to your destination by writing more effectively and without the stress of staring at a blank page.

Unless your route map is well defined it is unlikely that you will reach your destination successfully.

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